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Power to Change co-authored by Beverly Lenz. This book will give you tools for Creating Positive Change.

Do you sometimes feel as if your life is spinning out of control because of constant and never-ending change?

Are you frustrated because you don't know how to make the changes you need and want so you can live the life you desire?

Have past experiences or traumas made you afraid to step into a new career, a nurturing relationship or a prosperous life?

Are you ready to create positive change for yourself in your life?

Would you appreciate the opportunity to learn from personal development experts where to get started?

This book has the Power to Change you life. Order Now  $24.00

Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is Co-Authored by Beverly Lenz. It is a comprehensive resource from top women entrepreneurs.

It is your guide for best practices, practical solutions and inspiration. Everything you need to establish and grow your ideal business.

The insight from these top experts will show you how to effectively run your business and achieve all the success you seek.

Order from Amazon or contact me for order details.

plane truth
My "Plane" Truth - A Soul Satisfying Crash Course to Unconditional Love and Forgiveness by Jill Douglas (Client of Beverly)

This is my true story of surviving a plane crash. In fifteen terrifying minutes, as our plane headed towards the mountains, my soul was making the decision whether I  wanted to live or die. During those moments, I had a knowingness that not only was my life about to change completely, but that it was going to take a twist that I could never have imagined.  Losing my husband in the crash and starting all over... alone, at the age of 47 was an emotional and daunting task. The lengthy recovery process (over 4 years) was exactly what I needed to fix my broken body parts and at the same time forced me to re-evaluate what was now important to me.  Clearly all the accomplishments, titles, money... externally powered pursuits that I had spent my life pursuing before the crash held little interest to me now.  So if that wasn't true anymore... what was?  Who was I now?  What did I really want? With my 'perfect princess' life completely shattered, I started to put the pieces of my true self back together again.  Only this time, I started to question some of the limiting beliefs that weren't exactly getting me what I now said I wanted. I had been catapulted onto the spiritual path and I was just learning to hang on for the ride and trust the universe... for there are no accidents and there are no exceptions.

This is when I, coincidentally met Beverly, who so lovingly guided me to change some of these subconscious limiting beliefs that were leading me away from my true soul self.  Learning to forgive and to love unconditionally both myself and others has been the biggest step towards freedom and personal peace I have ever taken.

Thank you Beverly for all your amazing and loving gifts that you so willingly share with your clients.

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