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ThetaHealingTM is grounded on the principles of quantum physics, consciousness and energy research. It is a safe, noninvasive healing process that works on many levels both conscious and subconscious. ThetaHealing is a healing modality developed by Vianna Stibal that allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in the client's physical body and belief systems.

Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in a deep state of sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the Universal Energy to identify issues and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.

ThetaHealingTM is utilized by a Certified ThetaHealingTM practitioner with the client and the Highest consciousness in the universe. The Highest Consciousness can be referred to in anyway the client chooses, God, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha, Creator, Higher Power, or any other word that is comfortable to the client. The TheataHealing process is not specific to any age, sex, race, color or creed. Because we all have free will, the only prerequisite to receiving healings and belief change is the permission of the client to make the changes.

Like a log jam in a stream blocking the current's flow, our negative beliefs are "jamming the flow of our life." This also can be illustrated as a wall of beliefs. Through the process, your bottom belief (or "main log") is identified and released and reprogrammed with a new, positive belief, instantly returning the flow to our life in the area we choose (or collapsing the wall of negative beliefs). Literally thousands of self-defeating beliefs are overturned in a session.

At the beginning of a ThetaHealingTM session, Beverly talks with the client to determine what the client wants to change about their life, as well as obtaining their verbal permission. After permission granted from the client to change the belief, through the utilization of the theta brain wave, the client's subconscious is brought to a theta state without Beverly or the client losing consciousness (this is NOT hypnosis). Commanding the Creator (or client's word) to change the belief and witnessing the change, the belief at the subconscious level is changed immediately. Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) is utilized to communicate with the subconscious mind in order to determine if the self-sabotaging beliefs are gone and new empowering ones are in place. The session continues by overturning self-limiting beliefs that are preventing the client from having what they want in their life.

When you change the way you look at things, your life changes. Each individual is unique and therefore, may experience different changes. Almost always, after the very first session the client experiences changes in their thought patterns, awareness, actions, emotions, behavior or physical healings, and almost always they experience these positive changes in other areas of their life besides the area of change worked with in the session. Changing just one belief can impact one's life on many levels. Self-esteem influences every area of one's life; health, money, personal power and relationships.

Utilizing ThetaHealingTM for healing dis-ease (also prevention of disease) in the body as well as releasing trauma and repressed emotions easily have led to remarkable healings, since ThetaHealingTM (and all BCS modalities) addresses not just the symptom but the root cause. If the cause is not addressed then recurrence is likely or another part of the body may become afflicted. Addictions are healed at the root cause eliminating the possibility of switching addictions.


Life Coaching with a powerful twist in less time:

In one session take a giant leap forward!

Belief Change Kinesiology (BCK) is a simple, straightforward method of finding and changing subconscious beliefs---beliefs that keep you trapped in old patterns and behaviors. By accessing your own subconscious mind, you can free yourself from old scripts that undermine your self-confidence, your physical health, interpersonal relationships and even your prosperity. BCK is an easy and effective method of reprogramming your own mind plus mentoring techniques and tools to make you the best and happiest, you can be quickly and easily!

Belief Change Kinesiology (BCK) allows you to directly access and change your subconscious beliefs while aligning your conscious mind. In conventional counseling and life coaching, you may now be aware of "why" you do things, but "how can you change them?" Understanding is often the "boobie prize." Your subconscious mind blocks you from making those needed changes to move forward. BCK uses muscle testing and simple posturing to bypass these blockages. Muscle testing tells you what you really believe at the subconscious level. Simple physical posturing combined with positive affirmations allows you to let go of old beliefs and trauma. Beverly creates with her client a unique MAP to envision and attain their life dreams, desires and objectives. BCK changes self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level AND at the same time, reinforces the conscious mind with powerful positive statements.

BCK is designed to bring both sides of the brain into a state of balance. Once you are in this balanced state and aligning your conscious mind with your subconscious mind, dramatic life changes can occur quickly. When you have both sides of your brain working together, you can stop undermining yourself and move forward to greater happiness, wholeness and prosperity easily.

Energy Balancing is a Belief Change System (BCS) modality. Through specific locations on the body, like acupressure or chakra points, energy can be utilized to change negative emotions into positive feelings as it is happening. Through muscle testing, energy blocks are identified and balanced, changing one's mood and enhancing the quality of one's life instantly. Energy Balancing lets you be in charge of the "feel good" energy that attracts what you want to create in your life rather than what you fear.

Energy Balancing helps create and maintain emotional equilibrium during hormone shifts such as PMS and menopause and helps curb cravings with addictions. This BCS method also releases misqualified energy. Misqualified energy is energy that does not belong to you. If you are experiencing an emotion, since like attracts like, your vibration may attract the group consciousness energy and intensify your emotion. This process instantly releases negative emotion that does not belong to you, and installs an energetic shield to prevent the attraction of unwanted energy.

The effects of energy balancing are immediate and profound. This technique can be experienced on the phone or with in-person sessions. Classes are offered to learn this technique to utilize with yourself and others. Energy Balancing can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities.

A session with Beverly can be in person or on the phone and utilizes Belief Change Systems (BCS) modalities customized for each individual, maximizing healing and unleashing potential in every area of life. Thousands of beliefs can be changed in a session to rapidly move you forward to enhance your life.

One Hour Session = $100 (special for a limited time only for first time clients=$85)
45 Minute Session = $75
30 Minute Session = $50

Suddenly feeling off balance, unsettled or moody? Learn to balance your feelings and emotions. You can change negative emotions into positive ones by using energy directed to specific locations on your body. The effects are immediate and profound. In this seminar, you can learn to do the following...
Keep the feel good energy that atracts what you want to create in your life!
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ThetaHealingTM is a powerful energy healing technique that has helped people achieve miraculous recoveries from a wide variety of conditions. It is a remarkable tool that is helping people world-wide transform their lives to create health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness quickly and easily. Come join us to learn to do the following...
ThetaHealingTM is one of the most life changing forms of healing and manifesting on the planent!
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Take your ThetaHealing skills to the next level by attending the Advanced ThetaHealingTM DNA seminar. Learn new shortcuts, insight and techniques to identify the root of life challenges and quickly and effectively make your healings, readings and manifestations more profound. In this seminar you can learn to do the following...

Come learn what it would take 250 lifetimes to learn!
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