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The BCS belief change process uses a combination of different modalities of science, ancient wisdom and Inner Wisdom to transform self-sabotaging beliefs to self-empowering ones easily and quickly (in seconds) at a cellular level, to shatter false limits and unleash your greatest potential.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are. Our reality is created by our belief system. These beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and they are often the result of life-long programming from past experiences. We draw people and events to us based on our belief systems.

These beliefs function like computer programs, creating for us sickness or health, wealth or poverty, happiness or unhappiness, love or loneliness. They also form our perceptions of ourselves, loved or hated, powerful or powerless, fearful or safe, trusting or suspicious, worthy or worthless.

The BCS techniques utilize Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to communicate with the subconscious mind. When used properly muscle testing is an accurate detector of subconscious beliefs. Because the subconscious mind controls all bodily functions including the motor functions, such as muscle movement, we can use this built-in biofeedback mechanism to find out when the subconscious agrees or disagrees with a given statement. The response is strong if the statement is true. The response is weak if the statement is false. If you think, "I deserve to be happy" consciously and you muscle test and find out what the subconscious believes, "I deserve to be unhappy," you will find it very challenging to be happy, since the subconscious is 88% of your mind. With the BCS process you can change these negative beliefs to be on the same page with what you desire, and rapidly change your reality and your life.

Lately the Law of Attraction and The Secret have been the darlings of our national media. It states simply: What you think about, you bring about. If you keep thinking about debt, lack and ill health, guess what? You get more of it. Focus and act on abundance, wealth, and health and it is yours. But is it? The challenge is that most people don't really know how to focus on something without fear or worry (possible belief: "I have to worry or something bad will happen").
Or if you do end up getting what you want, it can be taken away just as quickly (possible belief: "I don't deserve success," "Happiness never lasts").

BCS is the "real secret" to creating the life you choose, by changing your beliefs to bring what you want to you and have it last.

Techniques and processes utilized in BCS include ThetaHealing, Energy Balancing and Belief Change Kinesiology (BCK).

BELIEF CHANGE SYSTEMS (BCS) offers each and every one of us the opportunity to replace our self-limiting beliefs with self-liberating ones. Every person is a unique and special individual and has their own life path to follow. The goal of the BCS program is to clear subconscious obstacles to bring your dreams to life, so you can evolve personally and spiritually to become the best you---the happiest, healthiest, most prosperous and most peaceful you - that you can be.

BCS enables you to become the change you want to see in the world. Because we are all energetically connected, as you change at a cellular level, your vibration is raised, influencing others, which leads to the ripple effect throughout the world.




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