Take your ThetaHealingTM skills to the next level by attending the Advanced ThetaHealingTM DNA seminar. Learn new shortcuts, insight and techniques to identify the root of life challenges and quickly and effectively make your healings, readings and manifestations more profound.

In this seminar you can learn to do the following:
  • Receive over one thousand downloads equivalent to 10 sessions with Beverly
  • Identify and transform the core of fear, resentment, grudges and prejudice
  • Advanced tips to improve and refine your "digging" skills
  • Open your psychic centers and improve your intuition
  • Contact and communicate with your ancestors and higher self
  • Clear free floating memories (engram banks) from war, abuse, surgery and other trauma
  • Understand how to heal utilizing each of the seven planes of existence
  • How to heal broken souls and broken hearts for yourself and your entire family
  • How to utilize ThetaHealing on objects such as your home, office and cars
  • Bend time (yes really!) so it actually passes less or more slowly than it appears to do so
  • Successful completion of the Advanced DNA course is a prerequisite for many other ThetaHealingTM classes
*A unique flash (animated) program is utilized in teaching this seminar*


10-5 PM

Indian Ridge Country Club
Palm Desert, California


$550 (Early bird $500 until February 11th, 2012) Includes manual, books and homemade snacks

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