ThetaHealingTM is a powerful energy healing technique that has helped people achieve miraculous recoveries from a wide variety of conditions. It is a remarkable tool that is helping people world-wide transform their lives to create health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness quickly and easily. Come join us to learn to do the following:

  • Bring yourself quickly to a theta state without losing consciousness
  • Learn and utilize muscle testing to check subconscious beliefs on yourself and others
  • Change subconscious belief programs instantly
  • Perform intuitive body scans
  • Connect with Source energy to facilitate instant healings
  • Communicate with your guardian angels
  • Identify and change self-sabotaging beliefs that underlie illness, injury, or unhappiness
  • Manifest money, health, a soulmate or anything else you choose to create in your life
  • Perform remote viewings, future and past readings
  • Collect and focus energy to perform group healings
  • Understand the science that explains how and why ThetaHealing works
  • Learn how ThetaHealing can support other holistic and conventional modalities

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Indian Ridge Country Club
Palm Desert, California


Regular Price: $525 Includes manual, book, and homemade snacks. Get an Early Bird Discount if you pay by March 31st, 2012 and save $50!

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